I never loved spending hours in the kitchen, now they have to force me out! I have finally settled into my forties and as much as I love meeting around the coffee table, I love providing the delicacies that keep mouths moving, the oohs & aahs make for many satisfied moments when I’m feeling rushed and can myself sit down and enjoy.

Food especially makes nostalgia a bit soppy. I always want my family around me. I miss them always!

I always connect food with my 1st born Joshua. He is epic! As far as enjoying it’s bounty I connect with AD, my 2nd eldest, non verbal son who is my strength. Jade my 21 yr old daughter, we are not connected by blood but I think God meant for her to enter my life. My teenage son Xavier, also not connected by blood, but who has added many descriptive ooh’s to our meals, he was a bad eater when I met him 6 yrs ago. Now he loves being able to brag about our exploits in the kitchen!

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