A strong meaning. Sometimes quite a daunting stepping stone. 

I find a few issues arise when thinking of commitment. It intensifies feelings you’re maybe not ready for. To commit to any promise means giving of yourself without holding back. Absolute belief in the object of your committing is vital. This doesn’t mean you won’t have second thoughts, that’s possible and not necessarily a bad thing. It won’t always mean you can’t commit to said promise, it may be that some things are more difficult or become more difficult as time goes on. 

Like relationships, they require hard work, yet someone doesn’t always feel the urge to stay or live with the same level of commitment. Its quite a challenge to commit to a business you’re building if financially its course seems hard and current outcomes aren’t what you envisaged. 

This month, the 19th of June, we celebrated our 1st year anniversary as Simply Home – Made. Its been quite a journey, sometimes I tend to tread in area’s that we aren’t yet ready for simply because I insist we can. I believe if we push boundaries, throw ourselves in the deep-end so to speak, it affirms our thirst for growth, resilience, a fearlessness for new trends or techniques, though we are still very lacking in the financial department. I put this down to “buyers fear”, pictures sometimes don’t speak a thousand words, though there is no lack of flavour, aesthetic appeal or cost effectiveness or competitive lustre. People sometimes just prefer sticking to vendors whom they know and trust. 

Also, there exists an unseen, yet subtle amount of envy between vendors, they are only willing to endorse themselves, perhaps there exists an invisible “clique”. Never liked clique’s. Always seemed untrustworthy a term. Almost like a Hollywood movie, where the popular well established financially sound perfect smiling faces seethe at the audacity of a newbie or rather a ” I prefer wearing my old blue jeans” kinda team. We like grassroots, we like our own space, we like shaping our own destiny. We are thriving inwardly, we can almost take care of our families needs, whilst stocking up on inventory, though small.

We don’t expect riches, nor popularity. We do however commit ourselves to continue our journey until the glow of light that motions us in the morning, finds its place in the sun, under the umbrella of opportunity that persists its knocking in our hearts for we have laid our foundation, we have planted a number of seeds and when the good Lord says its time, we shall carry on through the next avenue of our journey. 

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​ So glad the guys taught the gals how to braai from a young age. Usually my son’s or Richard braai’ We share the boys tasks here, so I’ve got my apron & tongs, enjoying the sunshine. Richard is screeding the front in readiness for the gates! 

 It’s Hot!

Love to enjoy this, especially with the family. Plans for Christmas – a traditional Braai with the family.

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I’ve been waiting awhile to go on strike again. The whole countries doing it, so can I.

I have a movement in our home.It’s called ” when you all don’t listen, I stay in my head”. I then go on to sit in bed and do absolutely nothing pertaining to homelife. 

There is always excitement in the air when we have an order.

 I have a lovely KitKat Cake & Cupcakes in a Blue theme for Friday.

So I will focus my energy on hopefully fulfilling and satisfying, my craving to create.

The build up in anticipation leaves a tingling sensation in my fingers, which lasts until a day or two after an order has been collected.

I hope the anticipation doesn’t launch me into orbit, too far to reach my long-term goal of this becoming more than a ” once in awhile” we have an order thing.

It’s like an anticlimax-  the fast becoming  disappointing end to what was a wonderful series of events.

This is how I feel of late, a constant anticlimax has settled on our home, it used to be our sanctuary….now….these walls are closing in and sucking the flair out of our world. It is a dismal landscape on which to build a food adventure, let alone a family who has to pretend everything’s okay. It is a beautiful facade one can create in your mind, but when your heart starts feeling different, well the cracks start to show. The unravelling is quick, you feel alone….the only anticipation you have left is, how will it end when it does?


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Sincere, the option

3rd November 2016

 I was thinking about alota things the day this prompt was suggested..

 It was my baby Elijah’s 3rd Birthday. I planned a cake for the weekend. The Minion Cake Jade and I made, already posted on this site.

This blog is like a diary, yes, I know diaries are private, but I prefer writing my thoughts here. I actually value the fact that other’s possibly read my posts and it links me to their ideas, thoughts, reasoning.

 “When you speak to someone about your thoughts, often they listen with half an ear.”

 I am very different from, yet have much comman ground with my circle. I am night always to their day. I am dark always to their light. I am their air, they draw life out of me.

I am a useful asset and can be traded in at anytime, much like a cell phone that can be upgraded. 

 I know nothing of mechanics or physics.

 I know only of my love for humanity. My craving for justice. My relentless will for change to assert itself. My heart, my feelings which nourish me. My innate guide, who warns me of sorts to certain things that are to come. It is often scary, but I’m rarely afraid. My threshold of faith is high

My guiding light is sincerity.

 I’ve always appreciated the feeling it gives. It is sadly missing today, here in this cage she finds herself. Sincere people are hard to come across, like a species reaching extinction.

 The world is divided between the “I” and the “We”, at least that’s how I see it….

 I want. I am. I will. I think. I can.

We can’t. We won’t. We shouldn’t. We could’ve.  We tried. We failed.

We don’t seem to act collectively. We don’t live alongside each other. We walk pass each other. We come together if it’s OK and when it’s not we pluck out the arrows and focus our blame. We give up fast. We act in haste. We analyse and over procure the values we were taught at home, when kids still learnt from their fathers knee, the acts that make us callous and those that make us kind…

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