Shaming Integrity


Apologies for foul language. 

“Lies from someones mouth can be challenged in court, especially when you have witnesses”.

” your apology is not accepted, you fucked up our wedding day. my husband does not want to see you near this house until you repay us for the crap food and serves you gave our guest today. So pray about that and please, don’t ever offer people catering, cuz you are NOT good at what you do.” 

I have always believed in acting with honour. I never sway or compromise on what is right. It is plain wrong. So obviously I felt sick with worry when above client without prior communication sent family members to collect food from our kitchen, that was meant for her wedding reception. This hapend just after 1pm. Lunch was to be ready to plate up for 2h30 pm. At the gardens, their open air venue. 

These ladies came in grabbing boxes of savouries meant for layout on food table to serve with lunch. ” they needed to feed guests”, as no one catered for the time between photos & lunch, tho client did verbally inform me, her family would have a cheese & snack table for guests after the church ceremony. Well this didn’t happen. To cut a long story short, they in the ensuing hours, came to collect cooked, but cold food to serve to their guests as they assured us no one was going to stay until 6pm, as weather was a problem. The wind was becoming an issue. They didn’t want to force guests to stay longer than they needed to. 

This didn’t help me, as food was cold, when I made reference to this, one of clients party, named Natasha, insisted ” people can eat cold chicken”. I don’t agree, even Spur serves their chicken salad with a depth of warmth. 

Well they took food, etc away. There were no serving platters to lay out food & savouries as I’d envisioned. They wanted to sort the problem urgently. So off they went & at 12h57am Sunday morning, I received an angry message from an irate client, declaring I ruined her wedding. 

Now she & her spouse have made it their business to harass me & expose my “fraudulent” behaviour over social media, so I may be forced to pay their monies back as the food was “crap”. 

No food was returned. 

They were conned by another vendor and require justice to be pursued & measured according to the value of their dissatisfaction.

I was never the event planner but this client had me go out of my way to assist her as she said ” her sister was busy with her own life & she was getting worried about the wedding day. 

The lesson here is everyone is friendly & willing to use your kindness & selflessness to their own end & when things go south, they claim innocence & ignorance. I’m no fraud. I don’t steal. I don’t pretend to know what I’m doing. I compensated for a void that was lacking in someone else’s life. That someone who thought posing for photographs or as her sister  Wendy, said” they have people to impress ” was more important than ensuring her hands on approach was realy hands on, as she boasted about putting this wedding together in the shortest period of time with little help from her fiancée or family. 


I love cooking, I love being helpful…

I don’t agree with being a punching bag for anybody, especially I don’t like being badmouthed or slandered in social media, it lacks of character when you can’t sort out problems respectfully, when you have to resort to public shaming, thinking it will make you a hero. Especially please always be honest, here I speak to vendors & clients alike! 

And….always return goods that don’t belong to you, otherwise it may be considered as ‘theft’…..

So now we leave it to the courts to decide what reparation should or could decide the closing of this episode in our journey. 

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