Sincere, the option

3rd November 2016

 I was thinking about alota things the day this prompt was suggested..

 It was my baby Elijah’s 3rd Birthday. I planned a cake for the weekend. The Minion Cake Jade and I made, already posted on this site.

This blog is like a diary, yes, I know diaries are private, but I prefer writing my thoughts here. I actually value the fact that other’s possibly read my posts and it links me to their ideas, thoughts, reasoning.

 “When you speak to someone about your thoughts, often they listen with half an ear.”

 I am very different from, yet have much comman ground with my circle. I am night always to their day. I am dark always to their light. I am their air, they draw life out of me.

I am a useful asset and can be traded in at anytime, much like a cell phone that can be upgraded. 

 I know nothing of mechanics or physics.

 I know only of my love for humanity. My craving for justice. My relentless will for change to assert itself. My heart, my feelings which nourish me. My innate guide, who warns me of sorts to certain things that are to come. It is often scary, but I’m rarely afraid. My threshold of faith is high

My guiding light is sincerity.

 I’ve always appreciated the feeling it gives. It is sadly missing today, here in this cage she finds herself. Sincere people are hard to come across, like a species reaching extinction.

 The world is divided between the “I” and the “We”, at least that’s how I see it….

 I want. I am. I will. I think. I can.

We can’t. We won’t. We shouldn’t. We could’ve.  We tried. We failed.

We don’t seem to act collectively. We don’t live alongside each other. We walk pass each other. We come together if it’s OK and when it’s not we pluck out the arrows and focus our blame. We give up fast. We act in haste. We analyse and over procure the values we were taught at home, when kids still learnt from their fathers knee, the acts that make us callous and those that make us kind…

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