I’ve been waiting awhile to go on strike again. The whole countries doing it, so can I.

I have a movement in our home.It’s called ” when you all don’t listen, I stay in my head”. I then go on to sit in bed and do absolutely nothing pertaining to homelife. 

There is always excitement in the air when we have an order.

 I have a lovely KitKat Cake & Cupcakes in a Blue theme for Friday.

So I will focus my energy on hopefully fulfilling and satisfying, my craving to create.

The build up in anticipation leaves a tingling sensation in my fingers, which lasts until a day or two after an order has been collected.

I hope the anticipation doesn’t launch me into orbit, too far to reach my long-term goal of this becoming more than a ” once in awhile” we have an order thing.

It’s like an anticlimax-  the fast becoming  disappointing end to what was a wonderful series of events.

This is how I feel of late, a constant anticlimax has settled on our home, it used to be our sanctuary….now….these walls are closing in and sucking the flair out of our world. It is a dismal landscape on which to build a food adventure, let alone a family who has to pretend everything’s okay. It is a beautiful facade one can create in your mind, but when your heart starts feeling different, well the cracks start to show. The unravelling is quick, you feel alone….the only anticipation you have left is, how will it end when it does?


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