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I am beside myself with today’s word prompt.

Is there someone out there who wants to hear what I have to say. I am inspired by these prompts, for I haven’t written as much as I have recently. Thank you.

 True story: how do you get to the undercurrent or tone of someone’s question in order for you to understand the motive behind a question when it’s posed to you?

 “Did your mother not teach you enough to beable to take care of yourself and your brother? The undercurrent is- Is it necessary for another woman to live with your father and you guys. Can’t he just have her around for physical satisfaction when he needs it? You are old enough to take care of your dad and brother. She’s taking over your house, what will your mommy say if she’s sees your attitude now. Those people are not your family! Not your blood.”

“You don’t want to visit us. You don’t talk to us or greet us, like she’s influencing your opinions!”

 “How can you choose her over us?”

The history behind this is: For about +- 14 years, no one stood up for us and our rights. Did you expect that an easily manipulated mannequin was living here. How is it that you come from a background of ” instant family”, on the surface it seemed you were all happy, so weren’t you? You have an ugly heart, you are deceitful and go around slandering a woman who came to change all that! Do you have a solid, respectful, warm, relationship and report with your own step children?

 I’ve come to appreciate the term stepmom and realised that it doesn’t exist. Yes we may find ourselves in the position whereby our parents remarry or such and we have a “new parent”. Is it fair to make them feel like outsiders, when we’re supposed to build on from our past and reignite the heart of the home( Father,mother, Children). Should men and women remain in grief after losing a spouse? Till death us do part is then a matter of concern for widows and widowers, who may have to revisit with the priest, commissioner of oaths, who wed the couple at the time in order to clarify whether it is in fact permissable to carry on and possibly remarry? Should the children and parties wanting to be a couple go for counseling to iron out any creases before they become a unit?

I have always questioned a person’s motives behind a question that is meant to evoke hurt, humiliation and induce pain, heartache and unworthiness. Where is it coming from? Is it jealousy? Does this person suspect something about the party in question that will tarnish their reputation or expose perhaps a hidden agenda with regards to ownership of assets in new marriage whereby the existing children may be robbed of their inheritance?

Then…..why are there new rules and why does new partner get to benefit materially from duped partner, who is possibly too blind to see that this person is either a “gold digger” or will prevent other interested parties of benefitting from grieving duped partner, who may be aggrieved that certain whispered promise’s made previously, now have no binding nature? Like when a sister urges a brother on that their father wanted him to take care of her if later in life she needed it due to certain constraints or unsuccessful material benefits of their own marriages, which now lay in doubt?

Would your deceased parent approve of this person?

Sewing Doubt in someone’s mind is a pretty neat way to try and elicit an answer or provoke an action, but from whom do you unearth the true answer?

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