​ I like to take a nostalgic journey on a Sunday. Its the end of what’s past and the beginning of tomorrow.

 Today was no different. We got to make progress in our relationship, in the material sense. After much plotting, much stress, we got to set up the front gates. Centred the upright, measured, cut, welded. Thanks to Paulus for making the time to work on a Sunday.

This was matter of consternation in our home for 5 years. When are we going to maintain the physical environment and it’s shortcomings.

We had an audience, the rather irritable “power couple”, were very concerned that a “change was a coming”!

The day progressed, our 3 year old Elijah, was intent on proving to he’s dad that he could assist with the task at hand.

After much ado, all we planned, went according to plan and ended well.

Sunday evenings, if all is well, we settle down to some golden oldies on the radio. Get our sons bathed and fed. I prepare the evenings readings and reflection and we prepare for the coming week.

Tonight changed the course of the evening prayers but not in a bad way. Though a negative one-sided conversation took place, I was able without thought to turn around what, given this past week, could have been very bad ending to our week.

A women, tried in earnest to convince a young mother to be, that her father’s partner was a detestable, unworthy women, empty of morals and values. This would have broken me on another day. Instead it strengthened my level of tolerance and allowed me a moment to calmly rescue the inner feeling..

“Satan deploys the Jezebel strategy similarly, look ing particularly for emotional wounds that can afford entry into our soul. The Jezebel strategy uses seduction and manipulation against the weak and doubting, techniques that are ineffective against the strong and obedient. In other words, when our pain is allowed to sour into self-pity, the Jezebel strategy is ready to go to work.”

My sister had sent this earlier in the week. This is an excerpt from some workings of

: I hope we can look ahead to a time we are not unkind or deliberately conniving.


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