I know I’m supposed to think of coffee. But my thoughts have percolated constantly since November 3rd. It was my youngest, Elijah’s  crown birthday. It was also the day I got my last order.

 Today, 14 days later, 2 weeks, we discover why we should stop advertising our fare on facebook, stop making use of the sales group advertising platforms: some of my family members are friends with a staff member of a   recently opened eatery, 10 minutes away from us. Not only does it look like we’ve been suckered, but there are too many similarities between our menus. Remember we’ve been open for business since June 2016. I don’t want to throw toys out of the cot, but this is a possible reason for our downturn. We encourage reviews, so our food and it’s preparation are not an issue.

My problem is that I’m now competing for a small percentage of sales, with a company brand that has a sit down area and claims the homemade brand as their tagline. How can I hope to achieve a sales objective, when my own family members fail to support my brand, which they have tried and trusted personally. How do we percolate our brand of foods as authentic and  noteworthy?

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