Mindset of a Family

Filth is so obvious a word. It is pure in its description. I think it lives inside our head almost daily. Yea on the one hand it conjours up images of garbage, dumpsters reeking of expiration. Grimy beggers, squatter camps,  lascivious old man, lewd thoughts. The list goes on. The flip side is human nature. Natural human treatment of another human being. My coat of many colours is tainted with life’s knocks but I’ve never been more disgusted, when I had to recently reduce myself to a coward, at least that’s how my mother’s sees it. She knows not only my worth, but she knows my character, for she helped to shape it.

 It makes a mother feel absolutely bitter, when her firstborn, a fighter for human justice has hung up her gloves so she can live inside the mindset of a family, whose morals, are loose, whose hearts are filled with contempt, who covert & contrive with all the filth no begger could want in hand. It angers this mother that she is powerless in encouraging a woman to focus on more healthy environment. You see she is willing to keep her fight imprisoned, so her cowardice mate may have the time to fix this current problem without the obvious setback to their relationship. Women can be very cruel in their battle for territory, this is a primal feeling that makes you become so close to evil, that malice driven, dark, swamp like place called jealousy. It lives inside this family, it’s eaten at its history, that cannot recall lovely memories, where aunts & uncles came to visit and it all turned into a reunion of many generations, who quickly took in all the hugs & the kisses & the laughter & the joy.

It’s eaten at the core of humanity, the warmth of an arm when it holds you near. Rather it makes you feel ugly, unworthy, when women with basecoated faces, tinted flat ironed hair, purchased alliances & closets full of secrets dare call up a woman beater, an adulterer, to tell your mate to sort out the #%*#, and act fast so their wrath may not be visited upon your legacy for digging in the filth to find the flower beneath, that lay protected all this time just waiting to be plucked and given a chance to see the benefits of unconditional love.


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