Super Moon. 

Aljazeera says next super moon, 18years time and that super moon hasn,t been sighted for 70yrs.

It is quite a sight, that moon. And also strange. This got me quite agitated this morning. This moon had the ability to almost blind me last night. I was focusing so hard just to see it’s magnificence, the wind was howling, we had a lot of tension here which left me feeling aggrieved. It again brought out thoughts on relationships. You are not always “allowed” to have an opinion or to raise your voice against an injustice, in our community. We are the product of ” good people letting bad things happen” society. If I can’t take complacency in my own mind, why would I accept it in others.

We have a “power couple”, in our community, who care only for themselves! They are the epitome of indifference, materialism, immorality, covetous behaviour. They would have my respect any day were they original. Unfortunately, the clarity of intention is very visible in the habit they have made of being copycats.

Copycats. So if you are wanting a bit of entertainment, where it’s same ole, same ole. No mystery, just insipid. Just mention how you would like to purchase this or that and before you know it, typically, they will have it. People are shameful in their jest of this couple. Really, most don’t envy them, that’s part of their modus operandi. I have never seen such Hunger for attention, for approval from other families in our community. They will reverse out all their cars, to wash. Of course people have to see how much wealth they’ve accumulated, for that is what they desire. People must envy their success. My question is, how do you measure success if it is only material. Obviously they have debt. From here say, not sure how reputable, they go outside of the law to obtain certain things. So this must be a meaty topic of conversation, as they calculate on the chessboard, what their next move should be? For they always looking for allies. I  friendless by choice. She is friendless by nature. People have to be bought or persuaded to be in their clique. That is very sad. I almost feel sorry for her and then I smack myself back to reality.

I have no liking for nasty women, I’m sorry, I need to love all mankind, but it is difficult. He, is old, sick, his health is questionable. So do they sit at night after putting their kids to bed and contrive? I’ve never seen a more needy couple. Do people like this exist off the TV screen? I had to force her out of my personal space a few years back, she was bitterly disappointed that a woman, new to this community was not in need of her introduction. I hate that I have cellulite and stretch marks more than I crave for her approval. They need to be needed. They need you to kow tow to their way or its the highway. That’s why I feel they have a hand in my home business standing still. No orders, I’ve heard the talk but I’m not one for drama. Unless I made it. My refusal to play ball, has had this kind of impact on my life, but it’s not over by a long shot. Now I hear, lawyers will ensure an exit, unless we do as they say and give them their way.

You are not allowed to make choices for yourself regarding who you wish to consort with, the Family Don”, the husband has to decide whether you should allow another power over your life in a house that he should have had, he was robbed of the choice in favour of the youngest, who is a guilt ridden, emotionally immature, big hearted, selfish, alcohol dependent soul, who fails to see his own power. He is all I think of when I go to sleep, my nightmares are filled with images of him and the very corpse looking very alive Anton Noble, my  late husband, who passed away 14 years ago. A man who was the epitome of reliability, stability, kindness. A man who would never allow anyone to harm his family. A man visible in our sons today….Is respect, kindness and dignity, therefore like the Super Moon, only visible every 18 or 70 years.
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