The Patch

Vegetables are underated. You go on an “eat out” and possibly don’t venture near the Salad bar. I haven’t eaten out in a while, but I loved Spur. Their portions are ample. I’ve never received greasy chips or onion rings. The versatile menu is something I’ve copied here in my kitchen, maybe not exact but certainly comparable.

 Of cors I don’t have a big variety of Meals, but they suffice, in terms of what I thought would sell here in Westridge, Mitchell’s Plain. People are picky, and I don’t mind, consumers must have standards and not accept mediocre. 

 I follow a strict hygiene practice. I keep veggies, raw meat, dairy separate. At all times, whether in the fridge or freezer.
I love using lemon juice to clean all my surfaces and utensils. The only issue is getting the kids to consistently adhere to the same practice, but I’m not a station master for nothing.

Getting back to veggies:  

As I’ve said in a previous post, veggies will always be my first choice. I’m not saying I don’t eat chicken because I do, on occasion. Vegetables however offer a plus on my book. They are filled with minerals & nutrients and much fighting power

Radish- antiviral, very detoxifying.

 Tomatoes- lycopene promotes overall mental & physical health, anti cancer properties.

Spinach- vitK, assists in blood clotting. 

Arugala- vitA, vitD, calcium, iron. 

Avo- high in potassium, good sauce of vitK & protein.

Bell peppers- healthy eyes, skin. Protects against infection.

 Carrots- contain iron, calcium. 

Garlic- antibiotic, helps lower blood sugar levels. 

Ginger supports healthy digestion. 

Just to name a few.

Our corner patch has lavender, Butternut, Parsley, Chervil. Dill, Pak choi, Radish. 

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