One or the other

​I was just wondering… many times have you tried to be patient? I have a wonderful, much appreciated following made up of family members who have as yet, to buy into my concept of a HOMEBASED kitchen, preparing, cooking & packaging food for resale.  As well as friends of friends, who have liked our page.

I know I’m good.

..this is not about bragging….but have I properly researched all the angles? I’m not perfect, I don’t feel I have 100% satisfied a customer yet! I’m new, with many things to learn about what’s hot & happening in the food industry. I don’t want a franchise. I want to stay authentic, somewhat unique and always be mouth-wateringly appealing, if there is such a word.

Usually, when I look back at spaza shops, ooh I go back 30 odd years here, the Family ran the business and…..the family supported these businesses first before they tried a Big New Brand. I’m never gonna be a brand but I hope I can make inroads into some homes, filled with families, who like eating good homemade fare at a good price, sustainably sourced, parceled with quality,  biodegradable Packaging.

Now having said all this, what would possibly set me apart from other local, non-franchised ” buy & take away your meal”, kind of eateries? Maybe I’m not making sense to anyone reading this blog,  but I am at an “or” crossroad, the one where you do one or the other. I take this from today’s word prompt for at the time, I was busy cogitating about baking for tomorrows market day or weighing up whether it would be worth it knowing I may come home with most of my effort unsold, simply because our local community knowing I have been doing this for awhile, will still just pop in and browse and walk away empty handed.

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