Sassy Cook on second thought

Second Thought: there are many thoughts that come to mind, but I’d like to focus on the positive side. One always thinks of “not satisfactory” or ” inept” or “not good enough”.

The Location of this mindset is housed I think for me in relations, those connections that we humans seek. I’m drawing food into this thought as it makes me think pretty much about a pot with ingredients. You picture your end result and work your way back, checking quantities, temperature, condiments, quality, flavour and most importantly satisfaction. Here I’d like to zoom into the dishes I’ve tried to introduce to my community but especially my love. Being very conservative about food, one can understand how difficult it may be to try something new with a sassy name and not want to try for the sake of being down to earth, I’m using this word as it seems less offensive than saying I’m a simple person. Down to earth is powerful, though many of us think of it as just being humble.

Down to earth doesn’t mean you don’t have gripes or your standards are compromised or you’re a coward. Some people just like what they like and that’s it. Some people are just set in their ways, including how they like food prepared. I live in my kitchen, it’s my fantasy stage, a platform where I decide what I’d like to introduce to your pallet.

We read into and analyse every move, every word, every deed. No one can label me a food fundi, they can’t say I like any particular dish, well except for curry that is. Now my conservative partner likes things to be left as is. Admitted he does compliment my efforts, then swinging the other way he also knocks the buzzer when he is appalled that I haven’t reached the bar with Beans Soup. This One dish has the ability to draw criticism, completely overshadowing any remarkable dish I may have produced   with aplomb. I made it first about two years ago and he loved it. Then I tried Jaime Oliver soups and I lost his vote. I couldn’t understand how chorizo and chick peas could bring out such contempt from a person who should have been excited about trying something new and in my opinion remarkable. He doesn’t want fancy he says often. Plain and simple will do. Am I crazy to think all of mankind must want to taste the magnificent DISHES of Morocco, Spain, Philippines, China, Italy?

I am imprisoned by insipid tastes that curl their tenacious hairy, sweaty tentacles around my arms, touching my hands and making me feel like I’ve been ordered to immerse myself in a dark slimy pool  looking for relief and rescue.

So my thoughts will always have time to soak up both sides allowing me a second thought, as diving headfirst into my pot without considering the pallet of another, would make me just as indifferent to the second thought we are at times given, when we think we should have been the first….


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