Outdoor Meal Options

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You are welcome to enquire about any recipe or food handling conundrums and we’ll do our best to assist you 🙂 Within Reason.

Family Picnic Hampers by Simply Home-Made
With the coming season, family & friends usually plan some get-togethers. How would you like to take the hassle out of shopping around for healthy, tasty, inexpensive, fresh fare?

Allow us to pack a Picnic Box for you & your family. Book at least 3days ahead & we’ll make sure you have all the refreshment you need. ** this service does not include umbrellas, Can openers, refuse bins, etc. Please have a look at what we have on offer to see if it meets your requirements.

All we need from you is:

List of possible important allergy information. If you’re an ulcer sufferer, so we may advise the best possible menus.

Food preferences (vegan, vegetarian, etc)

Preferences  in relation to portions or meal sizes (NB: Pricing may be subject to change for certain adjustments)

Quantity of persons in your party.

Any other relevant information.


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