Daily Prompt: Irksome

via Daily Prompt: Irksome


Meeting the weekend is a pain. Unless my roster is full of wonderful things to make, I will send my brain into a tailspin about boredom. I’m not talking about those times  cancellation took place or your social calendar took a nosedive, I’m talking about meeting up with the all too familiar weekend wondering what will happen this weekend, will the drinking happen away from home or will he suddenly get the urge to challenge my request about not being drunk! Well I’m bored with the same ole same ole. I want something different or is it possible that I want someone different? He leaves me no breathtaking memories of lastnites passion or visions of this great movie we watched, for he falls asleep far too quickly on a good day. I find it irksome that I have to deal with a selfish, completely self absorbed ego deprived hell bent on pushing the boundaries of torment kind of love of my life. You see he no longer leaves me be, I have to be at his beck and call as he gets easily flustered when he can’t recall where the tools are or I have to come and see something that will make him feel I take an interest in what he is doing.

I don’t care about the same thing s of last weekend. I want to dance, I want to sit around listening to Janis Joplin and Whitney Houston, my all-time favourite singers. I want to do this while I’m putting together a Shwarma or a gigorsum Burger meal for a client who wants the meal without worrying about flavour or artificial additives or greasy Wedges because she knows she’ll get none of that from me. I only do healthy.  I want my customer to feel as if only they exist when they bite into our fare. As if they gave me this long list of instructions and I followed it to a T. I want to be a cook, nothing more but a mother of 5 with an amazing tale to tell when you bite into heaven. No, instead I make the all too insipid very repetative demands, lay down ultimatums and get a very irksome yes ” I’m going to make it better”!