the Birthday Cake

I didnt think

 to try. 

I thought back to grade 6. I was rushing to finish a bird that I had to colour in. It was horrendous, I only had black and purple; I wasn’t very good at art in any form…

This was to be my track record: I made a mess, no one would borrow me their colours and completing my task meant I could accompany my classmates, fetching our teacher’s little girl from daycare… I didn’t do well, the entire class got a view of my artistic disaster, safe to say utter embarrassment ensued. I didn’t get to go with….

In grade 7, I got thrown out of art class oneday,  as my ability hadn’t IMPROVED! I did find however, with the help of my Mom, that I could see…..and went on to make my own dresses, etc. I continued in grade 8, but subject choice the next year, saw needlework taking a back seat. I continued seeing at home in my spare time as other inrerests took my fancy. I still, could not sketch….

 Well over the next few years I cultivated several other interests and sewing ended up been a memory until years later, when I did small repairs at home. My fingers started itching for something to do…several years later I got into upholstery, I always loved creating, but still couldn’t draw! To this day I’m still no good, but I have become comfortable with my shortcomings, so here and there I sketch for my 3 year old Elijah and he has no criticism, except that I refuse to draw 7 different cars or trucks. 

Now…I fear no criticism but my own, I love food so much, that it has to be great when I churn out some exciting dish or dessert.  Here’s what I embarked on a a labour of love alongside my daughter, Jade, whom I regard as a diamond in the rough, waiting to exhale and declare that she has artistic abilities she hid away far too long….

The likelihood of me doing this was so remote, then I revealed my landscape of creative  freedom….  I chose to bake and complete, from scratch, a  Minion Cake for Elijah, who is crazy about the Movie ‘Minions’ , characters: Bob, Stewart and Kevin. All Simply Home -Made from cake, to fondant, to the thrill of magic when Elijah was Wowed with its reveal.