This has got to be the  best dish I’ve ever tried. Getting close to its authenticity here in my humble kitchen,

as a coloured woman, I am happy in my skin to try…. My ability is however overshadowed by my desire not to fail the anticipation of my hungry fans, my children, who are so supportive of my endeavours, it makes me nervous to even taste this Filipino Dish that has them so excited. I do however have shortcomings: my rivalry with patience is one of them, ” I want things to happen within a specific time frame”

I want to influence what you eat. I’d like it if you’d oblige me the hollow of your mouth, which safely houses your tastebuds, which are a remarkable tool connected to your eyes, which is one great organ of perception, in my book anyway, aesthetics channelling…that’s what I like to call it. So… I chose to make this dish closely following all the instructions.. ..patiently, not pressed for time. 1)Heat your oil. 2)Sauteed bell peppers, potatoes & carrots. Remove when halfway cooked. 2)Use same pan to then brown onions & garlic. Add chicken & brown. 3) Add fish sauce, simmer for 3 mins. Then add a can of tomatoes. I chose fresh pulped tomatoes, simmer. Add sauteed vegetables, salt & pepper to taste, simmer until potatoes are fork ready, so carrots still have bite. Otherwise your potatoes become part of the gravy. Stand about 10 mins. Serve with white rice. Enjoy. Well today’s offering broke my yung’ns record, when my daughter Jade remarked she’d forgo the curry as it’s aroma already told her it needed exclusivity! She was right. I chose to have a bite of very tempestuous curry & I desperately needed a pallet cleanser to wash away what could have been the spoiler to a delicious plate of this easy Filipino Chicken Afritada.