My first blog post

My days are pretty regimented. Up before six to get the boys and their dad ready and off to school, daycare and work. Once i have that done & dusted I started wondering what to do in between the routine? I hadn’t baked in over 19 yrs and got bored with what the local shops were selling, it seemed everything was mass produced with a basic recipe, very unappetising to say the least! Even the local bakery was running out of ideas and my enthusiasm got me off my feet and before I knew it, I was searching my pantry, scavenging for anything that wasn’t past its sell by date, so I could venture into the very unchartered waters of good old fashioned homefare. Direct from my oven to the ever patient hungry mouths of my Yung’ns aged 3, 14 and a recently come of age 21yr old daughter. Currently there is no time in between the routine, as our neighbours got wind of our now famous brownies, and my oven constantly warms our kitchen and 2 batches have become 4 larger ones!

This was my first trial run to blog! 23/06/2016.

Much has changed since then …. 

We had great appeal… .for a while anyway…  Then tasters started getting picky, about pricing . Most if all picky about responding, offering honest critique… I’m not perfect, but I want to be the closest to it that I can…..its not an egotistical goal. I want to compete. I want to invest in this desire I have dreamt about for years. Reflecting as I am on the past 4 months, it has climaxed & it has plateaud too soon…… 

  • Look I’m a coloured girl, 44yrs old, mother to 5 beautiful young’ns, living with a man I love despite both our shortcomings. It has been a revolution of will to act & commit to this daily, while keeping a straight face amidst the ever eventful personal hurdles of homelife. My soon to be 3 yr old no longer goes to daycare, much to my chagrin, as outsiders have seen it fit to deny my dream as it imposes on who they think I should be…Apparently it’s a waste of money… My name is my honour & some covetous naysayers have felt it necessary to taint it with their contempt for individualism, worth, intellectual sobriety, discipline, character, charm, talent & made it a goal to contrive with ignoramus- self worshipping, morally inept, socially deprived, bored with life, maybe complacent, stuck in a fantasy they can’t live..