Wow, this is a heavy loaded concept. It took 6 trips between the kichen, spare room & Richard to rearrange without notice of intent- the state of our furnishings. He hates change when he is physically in the midst of it. I change the plugs, the light bulbs, fix our cupboard doors, etc. So I gently rearranged the order of decision making in our home, we share with 3 of our brood. I make all the decisions and he gets the credit when nothing seems amiss. On a good day, when well resred, he will pinpoint how proud he is that any kinks are well taken care of. Like the new rearranged, resprayed kitchen table with a new bigger top harvested from my neighbour, who rearranged and rebuilt their kitchen some months ago. I managed to source our braai table top as well, so the braai area, though not 100% complete, is quite usuable to check our offerings, tray our drinks & get the much appreciated ” that girl has rearranged quite a bit Richard, you got a good one there mate”. Nice Vegetable garden as well we see. Now to rearrange our Christmas Holiday exploits!