A reason to Live

I reached a standstill. My head was racing through images of a balloon flying no where in particular, yet too far to touch anything.

I waited so long to develop my dream, but the hurdles were insurmountable. I had little funds, little support, especially at home. I was without transport, knowledge, talent, though motivation was high.

Once I researched, and I did tons of this, still do, I realised I had quite a basketful to offer. But…..people are reluctant to try new things & if you do manage to reel them in, sell the idea, how long can you keep them hooked on the idea of a HOMEBASED Kitchen making from scratch everything save the vegetables & packaging & meat.

Well it sells if you are prepared to slog and you have to if you mean business. Many people sell things from home in our community, but they don’t like competition or fresh ideas. There’s a set rule that ” people are used to the norm, whether this is based on mentality, envy, ignorance or some selfish loathing for someone living their dream, I can’t say. I can vouch for the fact that my children living here with me have grown so much in their knowledge of flavours, textures, blends, that this has bonded our faith in each other & our common ground that we feel closer with each hooray & don’t flake as easily when we hit a hurdle. Jade has mastered wedges, sauces, taste, visual impact, so the little things make a difference when you have a lastminute dilemma. Love is the best partner to food. Though others don’t always share our enthusiasm, we hope they will Love the wish we hold dear “to bring all kinds of food making memories” to their doorstep. Simply Home -Made