Continuance & Adversity

[24/10 22:56] simplyhomemade

Placeholder Image: I’m looking back & wondering what you do when you hit a slump? Yes we’ve had some hiccups, some slip ups, none that compare though, to the disappointment when your support network is hollow, yes hollow! Our taste buds are a remarkable tool. Our eyes however own the sales pitch! Yes, the allure of our food is in the sexy way it should conjour up the anticipation of the moist, eager, titivating warmth of our wanting! It should make you want to have it!

I have managed to convert many adversaries by partakingPlaceholder Image in a meal, much to their chagrin at times, they couldn’t dispute the magic that’s needed to win a battle, and on the flavoursome, wholesome yet riveting poetry of my charming subtle tenacity in the kitchen, always with ruthless thoughts, I have never made friends out if my foes, once they’ve experienced my fare, but I have left an indelible mark that has outclassed, outwitted and outshone these naysayers of my complete disregard for wanting to crawl, to creep, to kowtow to any level of derision in order to seek personal acceptance or approval by satisfying their taste buds…..I have merely made a point, that when you boast, when you ridicule, when you envy, when you copy……. You cannot ever hope to offer, something close to the depth of courage it takes to laugh or smile and know that your heart went blindly, besotted, completing naked into preparing a meal you know they can’t match!